21 September, 2010

hiya everyone ;)

hiya everyone ;)

wow i can get into my blog now yay ;)
couldnt get into my blog as i had a virus on my computer and was unable to access my blog.
It finally let me change the password and now im in yay :)

Update on our family:

adrian is working at austral bricks, lately its been from 5am, but he got monday and tues off this week and i think he starts tumorrow at 6am.
Hes doing really well with his new teeth :)

The kids are doing well ;) anya is talking a lot better, i have been doing educational cards with her, as she couldnt pick up the letter c and l.

Stephs doing well and is enjoying daycare and loves painting and playing the sims 3 lately and playing my little pony on the computer.
she loves watching the tribe on tv.
it is her birthday soon, cant believe she will be 4 on sept 27th.

My dad will be here for a week from september 30th.
The grandparents get back from canada this thursday, they went there for 3 weeks.

Im doing well, had my birthday sept 7th.
spent the day with hubby and bought myself a tattoo and nipple piercing.
we went to pancake hut for my birthday with hubby and the kids.
the grandparents gave me a lovely top and skirt and went went our for dinner in a place in brisbane.

i havent been scrapbooking too much, did 3 layouts yesterday for bootcamp at http://www.bluebazaar.com.au

we need to go pick up the kids from daycare in a hour and a half then go grocery shopping.

have a great day all

tc from mel ;)

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