17 June, 2010

Update on me and my family :)

Hiya everyone :)

heres a update on me and my family:

adrian has had most of his teeth out lately and has 4 more to get out and have a plate put in and then false teeth.

he is working different hours now, one week wed- thurs 6am-6pm and next week thurs-sat 6am-6pm.

Anya is going well with the potty training and asks to go toilet herself at times.

steph is doing well and enjoys going to daycare and scrapbooking and painting.

Me well i have just started going back to scrapbook classes and going to my mates movie nights every 2 weeks.

my driving lessons are going well. I have 5 more 2 hour lessons to go then hopefully i can sit my driving test.

thanks for reading, tc from mel :)


Michelle said...

Mel, its so good to hear from you!!
I'm sorry about his teeth that sounds very painful!!
Glad the potty training is going well and your almost finish with the driving test!!
Have a blessed day!!

phatassphairy said...

hello mel ...glad your lessons are going well .....i love your pages below ...and a movies every 2 weeks sounds like a good plan ....stay safe chat soon =0

aussiescrapper said...

Hope all is going well for you. Melxxx Sounds like a busy time.