02 August, 2015

xmas mini album for 2012

hi everyone here is a mini album i made for my husband adrians birthday which was on the 19th of july 2015. i hope you like it ;) from mel ;)

16 October, 2013

2468 challenge now up :)

The 2468 challenge is now up. I forgot to add the challenge last time. Hope you like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDNMvTvMNb8

15 October, 2013

my new you tube channel called melodies world of scrapbooking is now live ;)

hiya everyone ;) how are you all? I made my you tube channel melodies world of scrapbooking live this afternoon :) its a you tube channel for my facebook page: I have set a new challenge I hope everyone likes it ;) and joins in ;) I would love to see everyones take on the challenge ;) please like and subscribe ;) here is the link to my you tube channel : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoyGOPBzrtk I hope everyones week is going well ;) from mel ;)

26 September, 2013

more photos to share :) some of us as a family taken recently. some cards ive mad. There is a pic of me at 7 months pregnant and some baking i did with the kids. tc all :)
hiya everyone:) here are some cards and layouts ive done recently to share with you all ;) plus a layout my daughter stephanie did at age 7 ;) tc from mel ;)
hiya everyone ;) sorry i havent been on for a bit. i am currently almost 29 weeks pregnant with a girl and due december 14-16th. the kids are doing well at school and stephanie is doing so well with her spelling and reading, anya is excelling in sport ;) and getting better with her reading and writing. i was thinking of starting up a you tube channel and putting a challenge up for everyone to do every 2 weeks. it will be linked to my group on facebook melodies world of scrapbooking. people will upload their creations to facebook on my page and each week you will get a 1 week to do the challenge and i will pick 2 winners and send them out a prize. if anyone would like to help sponser this it would be great or the people assigned as admin on my group on facebook that would be great ;) my email is aussie_momma7@hotmail.com or pm me on facebook. thanks ;) i will start the 2 weeks challenges up next month. watch this space ;)

30 June, 2013

hiya everyone ;) here are some layouts i have done this month. hope everyones weekend is going well tc from mel ;)

13 June, 2013

hiya everyone ;) here is the link to a youtube video i made of my mini xmas album i did last year. hope you like it ;) tc from mel ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ4n8VIciTw

08 November, 2012

hiya everyone :) here is week 5 of my xmas mini album. pages 6 and 7 hope you like them i will post next weeks up next week, stay tuned ...