01 October, 2008

update on steph and anya

anya is now almost 9 months old, wow that has gone quick.
she rolls everywhere and loves to say bub bub.
she uses her arms and legs to turn her self around and moves backwards.

she loves her food and has 3 meals a day.

yay anya has her first tooth coming thru, cant wait to it is all the way thru :)

steph is gd, she is still loving daycare and can count to 7, she knows most of her colours, she knows black, pink, blue, red, green, orange, white, purple.

she loves doing stamping when mum does scrapbooking and she loves books and loves it when i sing to her.

her favourite things at the mo are hi 5, dora, in the night garden, play school.

she loves painting, drawing, playdoh.

stay tuned for the next update

tc from mel xx


melodydamom said...

steph is teething as well, she currently has 2 teeth coming thru at the same time.

Kathie said...

Very nice pics and your LO's are really nice! Have a great day