06 May, 2012

hiya everyone stephanie started primary school this year and really loving it :)she has made lots of friends and had her school photos, cross country and a movie night at the school. She is doing really well with her reading. She brings home work home which needs to be done on by friday and brings a home reader home each night. Stephanie goes to girl guides each monday and is really loving it :) she has a uniform for it and has a sash she wears with all her badges on it ;) she has been selling girl guide biscuits and made $138 so far ;) Anya has started daycare at a daycare closer to us. She has made some friends, all i keep hearing about is shania lol. she can write her name and they are learning the sounds for letters at daycare and getting ready for prep next year. I have just been busy with stephanie and walking her to school each day. keeping the house clean. scrapbooking when i can, which is usually monday/ tuesday when both kids are at daycare/school. I have started up my driving lessons again and will have my 4th lesson this tuesday coming up. adrian is doing well and is working at western star trucks. he loves playing with his remote control planes when he can. Here are some photos of my latest layouts. take care from mel xx

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Christie said...

WOW! Beautiful layouts!!!