29 May, 2012

hiya everyone ;) just thought i would do a update ;) I have another drivers lesson today, i paid for 10 lessons, today is a double lesson (for 2 hours) and i will be driving around gatton, not driven to gatton so should be interesting. As i dont want to do the driving test in ipswich i picked gatton. Stephanie is doing well at primary school and has her report card out soon. She has her first camp to go to this weekend for girl guides and another a week later. She sold 4 boxes of girl guides biscuits and recieved a badge for it ;) Anya is doing well and is learning her alphabet at daycare and the sounds, doing lots of balancing things. I need to teach her how to write more and to read. She knows how to write her first name. She goes to primary school next year. Adrian is doing well and is still working hard and has a new hobby rc planes. he has bought a few different ones and loves taking them out and flying them ;) Here are some pics of my latest layouts i did recently. thanks from mel;)

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