25 February, 2011

hiya everyone

hiya everyone ;)

my first post for 2011. Yes i know ive been slack but i keep having problems getting into my blog.

hopefully this is the last of them.

update on everyone here.

adrian is doing well and has a new job at a trucking place sorting out parts for the trucks.

steph is good and is loving going to daycare. the kids have daycare at a church at the moment as the daycare in bellbowrie got hit by the flood and is still being fixed.

anya is doing well and is still getting potty trained but is getting there.
she is doing better with her talking.
the poor little poppet has a bit of a cold at the moment.

im doing well. just been looking after the kids and scrapbooking on monday and tuesdays when they go to daycare.
i can sit my drivers test soon which will be good ;)

Here are some of my latest layouts
tc from mel :)


Mary said...

Thanks for joining the Scrappy Jo site. Hope to see your creations on there. :)

Michelle H. said...

Very pretty, LO's!!
Love them all!
So glad to hear things are well with your family!!
The girls are getting big!!