15 March, 2009

layouts iv'e done lately

march challenge off the site http://www.chookscrapsscrapbooking.com/phpBB2/

sketch challenge by sar off the site http://www.mysticalscrapbooks.com.au/forum/viewforum.php?f=143

monochoromatic challenge off the site http://www.madaboutscrappin.com.au

michelles challenge off the site http://roll2create.net/r2cstore/

march sketch by tanya off the site http://www.thescrapbookestablishment.com.au/forum/index.php

mrach challenge off the site http://www.chookscrapsscrapbooking.com/phpBB2/index.php

march sketchathon cypercrop challenge 3 off the site http://www.mysticalscrapbooks.com.au/forum/

march sketchathon challenge 1 off the site http://www.mysticalscrapbooks.com.au/forum/

sketchathon challenge 2 off the site http://www.mysticalscrapbooks.com.au/forum/

use the word listen off the site http://www.chookscrapsscrapbooking.com/phpBB2/index.php

crazy cropping challenge 3 off the site http://scrapbookdivas.com.au/forum/

crazy cropping challenge 1 off the site http://scrapbookdivas.com.au/forum/

revamp a magnet off the site

make a card using scraps off the site http://scrapbookdivas.com.au/forum/

recover a notebook off the site http://scrapbookdivas.com.au/forum/

challenge 2 make a gift cone (card for inside it) http://scrapbookdivas.com.au/forum/

giftcone http://scrapbookdivas.com.au/forum/

52 wk sketch challenge wk 27 off the site http://www.madaboutscrappin.com.au/store/Default.asp

ants fortnight sketch challenge week 3 off the site http://www.madaboutscrappin.com.au/store/Default.asp

sammis shagadelic 70's challenge off the site http://scrapbudz.com.au/forum/index.php

challenge i set off the site http://roll2create.net/r2cstore/

march challenges off the site http://www.chookscrapsscrapbooking.com/phpBB2/


Ceci said...

Wow Mel you sure have been busy! Lots of lovely layouts there. Hope you are enjoying your new washing machine too! :)

Joyce said...

gorgeous work, thanks for sharing :)